DSM’s MEG-3™ ingredients originating from approved fisheries and processed in DSM’s facilities in Peru and Canada (DSM Marine Lipids Peru SAC and DSM Nutritional Products Canada Ltd) are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval.

The fish oil for MEG-3™ and MEG-3 Ultra ingredients originate from fisheries with Friend of the Sea approved purse seine fleets. The fisheries are managed according to sustainable criteria, with highly selective fishing methods and from stocks that are not over fished nor overexploited.

DSM has a traceability system in place and analytic reports on tracking and tracing available to demonstrate the product respects all requirements of Friend of the Sea standard and that there is no possibility of mixing Friend of the Sea certified and non-certified raw materials.

“At DSM sustainability is the core value of the company. We are focused on delivering science-based, sustainable and scalable solutions that face up to the challenges our world faces today.” explains Mr. Brent MacDonald, Global Director of Marketing for Nutritional Lipids, of DSM. “That is why we rely on Friend of the Sea to prove the sustainable origin of our products”.