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Drive through supermarkets is in the making, shop without getting out of your car



Here comes the supermarket of tomorrow, where one could simply drive through the grocery selections and pick whatever they need to while staying in their vehicle. Russian innovator Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich has filed a patent for the what-would become the first drive-through supermarket. This innovation could enhance client service, boost comfort, expand product choice and cut queuing times – all while bringing down expenses for the organization.

The new supermarket innovation is that a shopper would drive up to an accessible bay and – while staying in the car – select the products from a segment that has vertically rotating racks operated with a button. These are placed on to a conveyor which would take the product to the checkout station. Whenever completed, the client advances, pays the clerk and heads out with groceries.

A client would drive up to an accessible bay, much like in a petrol station, and – while staying in the vehicle until checkout. In his patent application, Mr Kurmanbievich said the idea is directed at taking care of the technical issues of enhancing the nature of client service while giving maximum convenience and choice of items, lessening time to service shoppers, cutting the queuing time and bringing down the time and costs with the inventory.

The drive-through supermarket stores have already been trialed by retail titans Walmart and Amazon. But in those stores the customer would have to order their products at least two to three hours before coming to the stores to click and collect them.

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