Drinking three cups of tea a day could reduce the chances of heart attack



According to newly released study having three cups of tea a day could reduce the chance of having a heart attack.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore examined data from 6,212 people to determine possible links between drinking tea and progression of atherosclerosis. The study revealed that tea could slow down the hardening of the arteries and thereby reducing the chances of getting a heart attack.

The researches think that people who drink one to three cups of tea a day have a slower development of atherosclerosis compared to people who do not drink tea. At one cup a day showed the risk of cardiac arrest or stroke, 35 percent lower than if people did not drink tea. There was no difference seen between those who used less than one cup per day or more than four cups drunk per day.

Why tea promotes heart health, has not been examined by the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Previous studies suggest that the flavonoids in tea are responsible for it.

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