Drinkaware, Asda join hands to help customers cut back on alcohol

Drinkaware, an independent charity working to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK has teamed up with supermarket Asda to help make it easier for customers to cut back on their alcohol consumption and make healthier lifestyle choices. The charity’s ambassadors will be in 100 Asda stores on 13th January to answer customers’ questions and give advice. Customers will be able to complete a quick alcohol consumption assessment and can also pick up a free calorie counter and unit measure. There’s also advice for parents on how to talk to children about alcohol.

Despite the vital role spouses and partners play in supporting each other, research by Drinkaware reveals that it isn’t that equal. In couples where both people drink above the low-risk guidelines – only three in five (57%) say that if their partner wanted to cut down they would also drink less to help them.

The current weekly guideline stands at 14 units – but 2 in 5 men and 1 in 5 women drink more than this on a regular basis. It’s no surprise that 46% of people surveyed are hoping to cut back in the next three months.  Yet doing so is not as simple as wanting to.

It seems that in many couples where both members are drinking above the guidelines men are the bad influence:

  • 26% women are concerned about the effects of alcohol on their partner’s health, compared to 21% of men.
  • Over a quarter (29%) of women say they’d drink less if it weren’t for their partner – almost twice the number of men saying the same (16%)
  • 33% of men said they are more likely to suggest one more drink when their partner might think of stopping – only 15% of women say they press extra drinks on their partner