Dr. Kristian Moeller, Managing Director Global GAP

Dr. Kristian Moeller, Managing Director, studied Agricultural Economy and Agribusi- ness Management at the Universities of Paderborn and Kiel in Germany as well as at the Purdue University, Indiana, USA. His experience was expanded by internships at Deut- sche Bank, Hamburg, German-French Chamber of Commerce, Paris, and The Worldbank, Washington, D.C.
His dissertation was on Risks to Invest into the Central and Eastern European Food In- dustries. After 1 year of basic agricultural training on farms in Germany and the UK he be- came Manager European Projects and Senior Consultant Quality Assurance at the EHI- EuroHandelsinstitut e.V., Cologne, Germany, in the areas: Food, Fresh Produce, Meat, and Dairy Products.
Dr. Kristian Moeller started with EUREPGAP in 1997 (now GLOBALGAP) where of he is the Managing Director since 2001.