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Dorothée Gricourt, Communications Director at SIAL Paris Talks to ISN

  • •How are you celebrating 50 years of Sial?

In 2014, SIAL will celebrate its 50th anniversary. A unique anniversary that will be properly celebrated, with entertainment in the halls, the presence of 50 top international chefs doing their shopping at SIAL, and a Light & Sound Show on the SIAL esplanade on Monday 20 October, from 5PM to 8:30PM. The perfect moment to meet the SIAL community!

  • What are the foundations of sial management strategy?

The next SIAL edition, which will take place in Paris from 19 to 23 October, is sure to be an exceptional year.  Exceptional because the fair will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 1964, the first SIAL event was launched, within the CNIT at Paris La Défense. At that time SIAL had already decided to position itself as the food crossroads of the world, with a special focus on innovation. 26 countries were represented in this first edition.

From the moment SIAL established its primary position in the rankings, the amount of international exhibitors and visitors has not stopped increasing edition after edition. The importance of innovation has also grown in importance, turning the SIAL into a privileged observatory of new food products.

2014 will also be an exceptional year due to the record participation expected: more than 6,000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors from 200 countries. The food world will most definitely have a meeting point in Paris!

In addition, SIAL 2014 will offer something new as it expands to embrace new horizons. The integration of Equipment, Technology and Services sectors will further consolidate SIAL in the food sector: from the factory to marketing of the product.

  • Sial 2014. How big is it?  Can you provide with exhibitors and visitors profile?

From 19 to 23 October, we will be using the halls of the Exhibition Parc of Paris Nord Villepinte. All industry professionals will be there to celebrate 50 years of SIAL PARIS!

We have two different kinds of clients: exhibitors and visitors. The 2014 edition of SIAL is expecting more than 6000 exhibitors from 100 different countries and 150,000 visitors. Nearly 2 out of 3 visitors will come from abroad. And 200 countries will be represented in total. More than the half of its visitors will come from trade and distribution, a quarter from the agribusiness industry, 18% from catering facilities and 4% from services.

To help visitors plan their time and to optimise professional networking, SIAL 2014 will once again be organised in 20 sectors:

Beverage, Cured meats, Tinned and preserved products, Grocery products, Fruit and vegetables, Organic products, Seafood, Health products and food supplements, Gourmet food, Frozen foods, Bakery, pastry and confectionery, Delicatessen products, Dairy products, Poultry and game, Meat, Wine, National pavilions and regions of the world, Regions of France, In-FOOD/Semi-processed food products, ingredients and outsourcing solutions, Equipment and technologies.

  • Can you tell us about major events organised During Sial?

SIAL Innovation

SIAL confirms its trend watching role and its vocation for revealing innovations at SIAL Innovation. A vocation that is reinforced in 2014.

On the one hand, in conjunction with TNS Sofres, SIAL unveils a large worldwide study to identify emerging trends in terms of food behaviour. On the other hand, the world’s best innovations will be displayed at the fair. This will be the best occasion to bring visitors a unique outlook on innovation.

La Cuisine by SIAL

In 2014, catering will once again have its place at SIAL. La Cuisine by SIAL will be an authentic crossroads for catering professionals, with entertainment, show cooking, photo exhibitions, etc. all sponsored by 3 star chef Christian Le Squer. On 20 October, as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, SIAL will welcome 50 chefs from around the world. They will visit the fair (looking for new providers!) and will take part in show cooking events.

World Tour by SIAL

World Tour by SIAL is a window to the world of consumption. The aim of this space is to decode conso-retail trends in the varied and sizeable food markets on the planet: new distribution concepts, market evolution, etc. In short, the maximum amount of added value essential to conquer new markets.


SIAL TV demonstrates our desire to convert the fair into a meeting place for knowledge, experience, food news, debates, etc. SIAL TV Studio, with its live broadcasts, will be an undoubted hot spot for the 2014 edition. Don´t miss it!

In this context, and in collaboration with Sopexa, let´s meet on 20 October from 10AM to 12:30PM on the SIAL TV Studio for « Foodies 2.0 ». The occasion to decode the social-web trends with the key actors and to guide companies in their 2.0 communication.

Le Marché by SIAL

In 2014, SIAL puts special focus on the fruit & vegetables trade with Le Marché by SIAL. Two reasons to explain this special honour. Firstly, the sector has made a huge effort to adapt its products to consumer expectations. Secondly, SIAL benefits from the savoir-faire! Fruit & vegetables are a product area where retailers are making considerable efforts to offer a unique service. And this trend can only increase in the coming years.

  • What is your vision of the food industry in the medium term? what changes should we anticipate?

In the next future, the food industry will be facing new challenges while

International trade will intensify and global demand will be rapidly growing:

By 2050, the world population will count more than 9 billion inhabitants.

The demographic evolution of emerging countries such as Asia and now Africa will increase the food demand in volume and will also affect the nature itself of consumed products – as a fact, meat or dairy food demand is already increasing rapidly.

At the same time, westernized countries will be facing health issues, looking for more balances diet (20% of the US population of the population is obese a and in the UK, 60% of women are overweight)

Food manufacturers from all over the world will have to face these issues that also represent great opportunities for developing new and relevant products to match this ever changing demand.

  • Where do you see Sial in 10 years?

Over the years, SIAL has become a brand: a unique relational experience in the agribusiness world.

Thanks to its universality, the concept has been exported to different regions of the world: North America, Latin America, the Middle East, China and South East Asia.

The next 10 years will certainly be the opportunity for new shows in countries where we have identified the most dynamic food markets to create new business opportunities for our clients – ASIA and AFRICA will most probably be our main targets. Trend spotting and Innovation will always be part of our DNA.

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