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Dole: yellow vests blocked the “Intermarché des Epenottes”


A group of yellow vests conducted a blocking operation in the Intermarché des Epenottes on Monday late morning to protest the rise in prices of some products. They arrived around 10:30 in small groups and without yellow vests. They began to fill their carts with products whose prices increased following the entry into force on February 1 of the Food Law.

Protesters say the company “is really making fun of the world.” The operation included some workers in the same supermarket in some other locations. Once the trolleys were filled with pasta, bottles of oil or pastis, the demonstrators donned their yellow waistcoats and sang songs of social protests. They then left the store after abandoning their carts in front of the crates. The operation left no loss or damage.

The yellow vests took care not to leave frozen products that would have been thrown away immediately. The employees of the Intermarché were left to repatriate on reserve caddies before spending the rest of the day to put them on the shelves, according to the local press.

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