Dole Packaged Foods’ 2017 Rose Parade float showcases beauty of Hawaii

Dole Packaged Foods’ 2017 Rose Parade float, “Spirit of Hawaii,” took home the coveted Sweepstakes Trophy for this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade for its outstanding floral presentation and design. Dole has received much recognition from the Tournament, holding the Rose Parade record for most Sweepstakes Trophy wins.

“Spirit of Hawaii,” celebrates Dole Packaged Foods’ rich history and beginnings in the Hawaiian Islands dating back to 1899 when James Dole first traveled to the tropical paradise. The float featured colorful and floral sculpted animals including parrots, sea turtles and geckos decorated in tropical flowers, a 10-foot tall sculpture of Hawaiian King Kamehameha and an erupting volcano.

With the mission to encourage people to live healthy vibrant lifestyles, the float featured non-GMO fruits provided by Dole Packaged Foods, including bananas, pineapples, and mangoes. Four waterfalls flowed throughout the float, utilizing 2,000 gallons of recycled water, showcasing Dole Packaged Foods’ commitment to preserving natural resources around the world.

Keeping with the Rose Parade theme, “Echoes of Success,” Dole Packaged Foods partnered with Ventura County’s regional food bank, FOOD Share, part of Feeding America, to collect non-perishable food items in the month leading up to the Rose Parade to benefit FOOD Share partners throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Dole selected FOOD Share President and CEO Bonnie Atmore to ride on Dole’s Rose Parade float in honor of her commitment to feeding, nourishing, and educating the hungry.

Created by Fiesta Parade Floats, “Spirit of Hawaii” stood at 55 feet long, 18 feet wide and over 28 feet tall.  Fiesta Parade Floats also designed and built, with the help of Dole employees, Dole Packaged Foods’ previous award-winning entries – 2016 “Soaring Over Paradise” (Directors’ Trophy), 2015 “Rhythm of Hawaii” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2014 “Sunrise at the Oasis” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2013 “Dreaming of Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy), 2012 “Preserving Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy), and its 2011 entry “Living Well in Paradise” (Sweepstakes Trophy).