Do You Want to Be A Supplier to A UK Supermarket?

Three facts about the UK Grocery Market:

  1. Over the next 5 years the UK Grocery Market will grow by +16.3% to £203bn (Source: IGD).
  2. There are already 10,000 suppliers to the UK Supermarkets (Source: GCA).
  3. Tesco is the third largest supermarket chain in the world (Source: HBR).


Becoming a supplier to a UK supermarket is hard. Only those that can offer something extra, know how to sell to a UK supermarket buyer and have the tenacity will succeed. Many fail.


The main reasons that they fail are because the lack a credible understanding of the UK grocery market. They have little knowledge of how to pitch to a UK supermarket buyer. And they have little idea of the expectations of a supplier to a UK supermarket.


This product will solve those challenges and help you to become a supplier to a UK supermarket. Click on Understanding UK Supermarkets to find out more details of costs, learning objectives and the ex-supermarket buyer turned trainer. <Add this link on the words ‘Understanding UK Supermarkets’