Discounters will have to fight hard to maintain price competitiveness: Sainsbury’s chief


British retail chain Sainsbury’s Executive Director Mike Coupe says that retail chains like Lidl and Aldi have to fight hard to maintain its price competitiveness. Coupe says that its position in the UK has grown rapidly, Aldi and Lidl have had to change their shops more and more in the direction of its competitors. He was speaking at Mumstock, a conference about marketing to mums, he told the audience that the price gap between the big four and these upstarts was narrowing.

Discount Shops “are starting to look more and more traditional the supermarkets all costs”. “The reason that even today the discounters only have 10 per cent of the UK market is because many people shop a much, much larger portfolio of products,” he is reported to have said.

For example, Lidl has expanded its product portfolio through the sale of French wines in Britain. The companies will also have to market themselves more and more, which can be reflected in prices. Asda Director Andy Clarke said last week that traditional supermarkets are able to compete with cheap shops against a wider range of products. Price is not the only decisive factor for customers, in turn, said the general manager of Tesco’s Dave Lewis, a range of services and also weigh.