Discount supermarkets becoming popular shopping destinations among the Germans


Discounters like Rewe, Edeka and Co. have done a lot to keep up with large supermarkets. It has finally paid off, a study shows. According to a survey conducted by market research consultancy Oliver Wyman among German shoppers earlier this year, supermarkets are becoming popular shopping destinations like never before. Especially supermarkets like Edeka and Rewe were able to increase their sales in comparison to larger hypermarkets – such as Globus and E-Center. German Press Agency reported this quoting survey results from Oliver Wyman.

The supermarkets had expended a lot to keep up with the bigger markets. “The large supermarkets must invest more in the future in order to compensate for shortcomings such as long travel times and longer running distances,” said Rainer Münch, a trade expert. The major reason for the rise in customer base for discounters like Rewe and Edeka is obviously the price. The discounters lure their customers with budget friendly products, the study says. The distance between discounters and supermarkets shrank, explained Münch.

For quality and service the supermarkets Globus were best, followed by E-Center and Edeka. Traditionally, the major supermarkets are the ones to choose from, with Globus also ranked first, and followed by Marktkauf and Kaufland. In the price, on the other hand, even the hypermarkets do not match the big discounters.

Aldi Süd occupies the top position in consumer perception ahead of Aldi Nord and Lidl – followed by hypermarkets Kaufland and Globus. According to Münch, the Germans react sensitively to price increases. The price was, however, decisive for only 36 per cent of respondents in the choice of their shopping. For some 64 percent the performance is decisive – made up of service, selection and quality. These criteria would be cut off only by the situation in the choice of the market.

At the discounters, a “two-class company” formed, observed Münch: The leading discounter Aldi Nord and South as well as Lidl now compete with the supermarkets after comprehensive investments. “From the consumers’ point of view, Lidl is currently in the lead and was able to make a significant difference in performance from Aldi,” said Münch.