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Discount Aldi will invoice the bags of fruits and vegetables


The German discount giant Aldi will ban plastic bags from its fruit and vegetable shelves and replace them with bags of recyclable material sold “a symbolic centime”, a measure supposed to contribute to the fight against plastic waste.

“Starting in the summer of 2019, bags of renewable raw materials will be available for one penny in each store,” Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord brands said in a joint statement on Tuesday.

The use of “traditional” plastic bags has decreased in Germany as distributors have billed them at the cash desk.

But the use of free bags such as those placed in the food aisle has only decreased, according to the Federal Ministry of the Environment.

“Experience has shown that pricing plastic bags (at checkouts) has changed consumer behavior,” says Kristina Bell, Quality Director at Aldi.

The discounter is now hoping for similar success with the biodegradable bags in the fruit and vegetable sector, which will be sold for a “symbolic” price, she added.

The new bags for fruits and vegetables will be made from a renewable raw material from sugar cane, said Aldi.

Source: lavoixdunord.fr

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