Digital Age Hits Retail Sector

Every sector tends to face its fair share of challenges. Similarly the retail sector has also faced many such challenges over the recent years.

Dynamics of the industry have been changing continuously and with the incoming of online retail operating street stores with a profit have become extremely difficult. Over the two years a number of street stores were forced to shut down and many of these stores still stand vacant, though placed in a prime location. About thirty to forty years ago retailers desperately wanted to take over the lease of these stores  whereas today it is just a peace of empty land.

Online retail provides its customers with a wide range wherein from kids to teenagers, teenagers to adults and adults to aged population of the country can also purchase things that interest them and fulfil their daily requirements.

However, manual shopping provides a memorable experience as every customer gains shopkeeper’s attention with something that is appealing to the eye which cannot be provided by any website. Although with technological advancement such kind of engagement will soon be achieved.

But digitisation has its own implications and one of it is – Colour has its own importance and every colour reflects emotions and yes with more than hundred shades of pink each has its own significance and sets the mood accordingly. Hence in online many times customers tend to receive different shades of what exactly appeared on the digital screen. This is one of the major area of concern in digital as it leads to disappointment in many people. Whereas in street stores you get exactly what you want with an option of trying and buying the right size for yourself at the same time, as many times fitting becomes a major issue which needs atleast 24 hours to be addressed.

Although online has a wide range of products but certain products that include cosmetics and lingerie are still not trusted by the customers. Hence, the digital age has hit the retail sector yet cannot completely eliminate traditional ways of shopping.