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‘Diamond Works’ to be opened in Seychelles

Presently, owning five stores; four in South Africa and one in Namibia, South African-based Jewelery organization, Diamond Works, has chosen to wander outside terrain Africa setting eyes on one of the most minor archipelago, the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean to open its new store.

‘Diamond Works Seychelles’ situated in the Capital City building in the heart of the island country’s capital of Victoria, opened its ways to the overall population on Tuesday, offering local people and guests alike an assortment of impeccable jewellery pieces.

A visit to the newest store nearby is an open door for  jewellery lovers   to find out about the historical backdrop of precious stone extraction and cutting, with even antique jewel cutting devices in plain view. Tanzanite is the uncommon gemstones that are particularly discovered on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

“We offer tanzanite and precious stones which is for the most part set pieces or free stones. They [the set pieces] change from 9k [karat] to 18k, and they are accessible in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold,” Kevin Albert the Sales and Marketing Manager of Diamond works Seychelles, told SNA.

“The stone that we offer have distinctive cut that is cushion cut, emerald cut, triangle cut and the most well-known cut will be round cut. In set pieces, we don’t have yet those that have been uncommonly planned or uniquely designed for Seychelles boutique. Remembering that no stone will be same as the other… it may be the case that we have some extraordinary pieces.”

As per Albert, the value extents between $472 at the most minimum to the most expensive that cost just about $79, 000 for the individuals who can manage.Seychelles, an Indian Ocean archipelago of 115 islands is a famous spot and special honeymoon destination with tourism being the principle mainstream of the economy.

The island country invites a large number of guests every year who fly a large number of kilometers now and again to the Indian Ocean archipelago of 115 islands that boast delightful powder-white shorelines and clear, serene waters of turquoise and blue.

As indicated by Albert, these elements have been considered by Diamond Works while picking the ideal area to settle outside terrain of  Africa.While it is focusing on Seychellois customers, Diamond Works Seychelles is likewise enthused about taking advantage of the tourism numbers going to the island country, focusing on particularly vacationers coming to marry in the tropical islands.

“We are likewise working a considerable measure with DMC’s [Destination Management Companies] on the grounds that they bring a great deal of vacationers  to Seychelles. A lot of VIP’s and spouse with their wives-to-be come to the islands.”

Diamond works which was set up in Cape Town, South Africa in 2001 is an auxiliary organization of Tourvest a tourism group working in an extensive variety of tourism business.

Seychelles is by and by not new to precious stones, pearls, semi-valuable stones, silver and gold gems accumulations hailing from South Africa.The island country has been home to JOUEL a retail brand of one of South Africa’s biggest retail and wholesale Jewellery organization since 2004.

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