Delhaize wins Greener Packaging award

Supermarket chain Delhaize is in the Greener Packaging Awards in prizes for the skin pack packaging. This is a type of packaging which ensures that the packaged meat is twice as long shelf life, which prevents food waste.Greener Packaging Awards were presented last week by VALI-I-PAC and Fost Plus in the framework of the European Week for Waste Reduction. Delhaize there was one of the winners of the skin pack packaging.

On that packaging is the plastic wrap meat around the meat itself, and then the vacuum is pulled. Thus, the meat is up to nine days of shelf-life, which is twice as long as before. Delhaize wants to contribute to the fight against food waste.”This award is a great recognition for Delhaize for its efforts and confirms that we are in the fight against food wastage at all levels must work together,” Delhaize states in a press release.

Carrefour also fell during the Greener Packaging Awards awards with his new haversack, which now is completely recyclable and may safely on the compost heap.