It is certainly the need of the hour for Italy to expand its fruit and vegetable export to a more obliged path, if the decrease in domestic consumption is examined. The Senior Marketing partner Claudio Scalise said that from 2000 till now, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in Italy had decreased by 100 kg per family and there by 5.7%in volume from 2009 to 2014, thus indicating a constructional decline. However Scalise believes that in the years to come some factors, such as the stability of US economy, loss of the value of euro against dollar and the decline in oil prices should make the level of international penetration much more efficient. Anyhow, some critical issues remain as it is, relating to the international political situation, first of all the Russian insurgency and the current political situation in North Africa.

Based on the available data processed by ISMEA SgMarketing, in the last ten years Italian fruits has gained the best performance in Central-East Europe, with an increase of 12% in value in 2013 when compared to the market in 2004. At the same time, markets in North Africa achieved a growth of 4% and penetration in Asia also increased by 4% and the Middle East by 3%. However, in the same time exports in new EU countries had an increase of 14% only. But for processed items, the most important market in terms of financial business is Asia, which amounts to 9% of exports.

In order to reach new markets, it is very important to have a clear identification concerning consumers. Scalise demonstrates that in Western Europe, Canada, USA, Japan and Australia where 70% of the business is done through retail, they are facing critical consumers who are sensitive to issues regarding food security, social, ecological and economic sustainability and who analyses the value of brand. Finally, in the new markets such as Africa, Turkey, parts of Asia, India and the Middle East food is regarded as a necessity as well as fruits and vegetables are considered as a major commodity and the main criteria will be upon the pricing factor.

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