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Deadly superbug MRSA found in Pork sold at Asda and Sainsbury

Deadly MRSA superbug has been found in pork sold at Asda and Sainbury’s retails, according to an investigation of supermarket products.

According to sources, three samples were infected with MRSA superbug which leads to fatal health related issues when a sample of 97 pork products where examined. Two minced pork samples from Asda and one from Sainsbury retail were found contaminated.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the investigation conducted by the concerned newspaper also revealed that a loophole in present regulations means that the live pigs with infected MRSA superbug can be imported from the nations such as Denmark, where it is found wide spread. It is told that the MRSA superbugs kills around 300 people in UK and Wales every year, and at the least six deaths in Denmark.

The Center for Food Policy at London’s City University Professor Tim Lang told that if they don’t have tight infection control and control over the movement of live animals, the infection will spread at par with time. He added that the British are cautioned about the movement of people but less measures about the movement of animals. Bio security is also the need of the hour, in fact we will get cheap meat, but in the due course it will adversely affect health.

An Asda spokesperson told that their customers are assured enough and are working hand in gloves with the farmers and industry groups and to ensure that the antibiotics are responsibly used. The Sainsbury spokesperson has also revealed in a similar statement that it is ‘very uncommon’ and are working closely with the farmers ‘ to make sure that the antibiotics are cautiously used’. He added that by thorough cooking and basic kitchen hygiene the food safety issue can be removed.

Last month, a study by a campaign group ‘Save our Antibiotics’ had revealed that a quarter of chicken samples from the retailers Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons contained E.coli.



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