Daylesford Organic recall their Organic Cottage Pies due to a printing mistake on the label, the product which holds the use-by date of 14 January 2019 and 21 January 2019 is with incorrect date labelling.

    Food Standard Agency acquired a copy of the recall which was stating that only one product is affected:

Organic Cottage Pie

Pack size 680g
Batch code 18120504, 18121204

   About the risk that might occur by the consumption of the product, FSA declared:” The affected product has been labelled with incorrect use-by dates, and therefore could inadvertently be eaten past the date by which it can be safely consumed.”

As a reaction, the company will be displaying notices explaining the reasons of the recall in all the stores that are selling the product.

   If you bought the product do not consume it, and return it to the store instead for the full refund.

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