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Danish city makes Pork mandatory food for its residents


A city in Denmark makes pork mandatory food item in the resident’s menus, which is widely been regarded as a way to reduce the number of Muslim refugees coming to the country. Frank Noergaard, Randers City Council member said that the council has ordered that pork to become mandatory menu of the city, including in schools and day care centers. The policy was originally proposed by the Danish People’s Party which has a notoriously anti-refugee policy and approved by the City Council Randers.

Noergaard, who is also member of the People’s Party, denied the allegation that the move was taken to limit the number of refugees coming into the country. He argued that the policy was made only to ensure that pork continues to be “a central part of the food culture in Denmark”. He added that there were “some complaints about allowances” given to Muslims in countries with predominantly adopts Lutheran.”We want to give a signal that if there are Muslims who want to come to Randers, do not hope he can impose the eating habits of other people,” he said, Press TV reported.

Denmark is a major pork producing country. But pigs are animals that are prohibited for consumption for Muslims. However Noergaard who proposed this motion says, it is not intended as an abuse for Muslims. “If you are a Muslim and planned to come to Randers, do not expect you can impose on other people’s eating habits. Pig here is the same foods with other foods,” Noergaard said as quoted by the Associated Press.

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