Dan Wagner, Founder and CEO of Powa Technologies, comments

Dan Wagner, Founder and CEO of Powa Technologies, comments: “While today’s sales results appear to be encouraging, retailers must not get complacent.

“The figures were clearly boosted by the good weather and an early start to the summer sales. However, to avoid disappointing sales figures like we have seen in the past year, retailers must continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer demands. Shoppers today want to be able to buy products from their digital devices in a matter of seconds, no matter where they are in the world.

“If businesses want to see continuous growth they must develop an omni-channel approach, where the online and offline worlds are seamlessly integrated and shoppers can purchase products quickly and efficiently. If they fail to adopt this approach then today’s encouraging results will just be a one-off rather than a continuous trend of growth.

“Meanwhile, Amazon is expected to announce encouraging sales figures, on the heels of their successful “Prime Day.” This highlights consumers’ appetite for eCommerce across the world. But shoppers want more than an online offering, especially when mobile technology allows us to turn any medium, from billboards to TV adverts, into virtual shop fronts. What they really want is a ubiquitous solution which allows them to purchase items quickly, whether they are walking home from work, browsing in a shop, or watching TV at home.”