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CVS Health Announces Walmart Decision to Leave CVS Caremark Commercial

CVS Health is in conflict with Walmart over the costs of order preparation, a conflict that could lead to a break between the retail juggernaut and the health giant.

Walmart is expected to leave the Caremark CVS pharmacy network following the conflict, a break up that could materialize by the beginning of February, although CVS has requested an extension until April 30th. The two sides could also end up finding an agreement, despite public hostility.

Walmart for maintaining rates. CVS Caremark, the drug insurance division of CVS Health, said Monday that Walmart is seeking an increase in what the distributor collects to enforce a prescription, which “would ultimately result in higher costs for our drug companies.” customers and consumers “. CVS Caremark, which is independent of CVS retail pharmacies, reimburses pharmacies when buyers with CVS Caremark prescription coverage buy drugs.

“At a time when everyone is working hard to find ways to reduce health care costs, Walmart’s requested rates would ultimately result in higher costs for our clients and consumers,”

 Derica Rice, President, CVS Caremark

” we have requested that Walmart continue to fill prescriptions as an in-network participating pharmacy through April 30, 2019. We continue to work with Walmart to align on that timing. CVS Caremark’s priority will be to ensure members do not have a disruption in therapy and that their transition to a new pharmacy is simple and easy”.

Members affected by this network change will be notified and will have access to information to help them identify nearby in-network pharmacies where they can fill their prescriptions, including independently-owned, community-based pharmacies, other local pharmacies in grocery stores and mass merchants, as well as regional and national chains.

Source: cvshealth

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