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Customer traffic in retail stores declined in 2015


Customer traffic in international retail stores network declined slightly in 2015. This was revealed in the annual Shopping Basket survey conducted by the publication Progressive magazine and Mercury360 agency. The average annual number of shopping carts found at the cash registers in the store at the time of the visits made was 1.34 compared to 1.43 – the annual average recorded in 2014. The survey was conducted in Romanian stores.

On average, the lowest number of shopping baskets was registered among cash & carry segment (0.5). On the opposite side are the supermarkets, with an average of 2 shopping carts at the cash register, followed by discounters (1.5) and hypermarkets (1.4). The fewest baskets were encountered in the Metro network, with an annual average of 0.55 baskets at the cash register. According to the researchers, this may be due to the schedule and the locations where the visits were made. The largest number of shopping carts at the cash register was recorded by Market supermarkets (Carrefour) and Billa, on average, more than 2 baskets at the cash register (2.91, 2.36 respectively). This confirms the orientation of Romanian shopper convenience stores.

In addition, as in previous years, the business units of international networks of retail operated in 2015, less than four out of ten cash registers open (37% versus 41% in 2014), which proves that the sites used less than half of the resources that could have ordered. In this segment, Billa has had an even much higher, 58%. Moreover, Billa is the network that registered the highest increase compared to 2014 (+11 percentage points). Also, compared with 2013, increases were registered Carrefour networks (43% vs. 33%), Real (16% vs. 14%) and Cora (36% vs. 35%). If we compare this figure with the averages for the previous year, in 2015 the share dropped open cash registers among networks Auchan (38% vs. 50% in 2014), Profi (48% vs. 65%), Metro (33% vs. 44%), Penny Market (33% vs. 46%), Lidl (37% vs. 42%) and Kaufland (35% vs. 39%).

For the 11th consecutive year, under “Shopping Basket” label the survey is conducted among the international networks of grocery stores in Romania.  Shopping Basket survey, carried out by Progressive Magazine, is a type Mystery Shopping study, being conducted by agency integrated marketing and communication Mercury360. In 2015, purchases of Shopping Basket were carried out for 11 months between the dates 1 and 6 of the 13 networks of shops owned by international companies active in Romania (Auchan, Cora, Kaufland, Real, Carrefour, Profi, Market Billa, Mega Image, Selgros, Metro, Lidl and Penny Market).

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