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Cracking Egg Sales At Waitrose

During British Egg Week there was no shortage of breaking news!   As the week comes to an end, Waitrose reports that sales of speciality eggs are up 17 per cent compared to the same time last year.

The supermarket’s speciality egg range includes Burford Browns from Clarence Court, which are one of the most popular eggs sold at Waitrose along with its exclusive British Blacktail Hen eggs.  The latest sales figures illustrate that Brits are becoming more adventurous with their eggs and are even posting their creations on social media, proving how photogenic they are.

Earlier this year, the humble egg took Instagram by storm with pictures of the fluffy ‘cloud eggs’ trending, and last month, a Gordon Ramsay video of eggs baked in hash browns went viral, clocking up nearly three million views.  In addition to this, the latest series of the Great British Bake Off, along with the cooling weather, has encouraged Brits to get back to baking.

Waitrose boasts the largest selection of rare breed eggs on supermarket shelves from the tiny quail’s eggs to the giant ostrich egg which is 24 times the size of the average hen’s egg.  They can be cooked in the same way you cook a hen’s egg but their cooking times differ due to the varying size of the eggs.

Jay Ledwich, egg buyer at Waitrose said, “Social media has played its part in promoting eggs this year as cooks displayed their culinary skills with the photogenic ‘cloud egg’.  They’re one of the most versatile foods on our shelves, perfect in sweet and savoury dishes but require precision depending on how you like your eggs served.”

Waitrose rare breed eggs are sold seasonally under the Clarence Court brand.  The quail eggs are available all year and ostrich eggs are available for a few months from March until early September.


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