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Court rejects US governments request for accessing Apple iphone


New York court on Monday ruled that the US government cannot force Apple to assist the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in accessing blocked to data on iPhone. The court produced the verdict on a case relating to a drug dealer, but this has more significance as currently FBI is forcing Apple to assist them in accessing data from an iphone of a terrorist who participated in December in California for the murder of 14 people.

US Department of Justice asked Apple to assist in unlocking the iPhone of a drug trafficker in October. The local federal judge in Brooklyn James Orenstein then called on Apple to defend against it. In Monday’s verdict, the judge concluded that Apple is not required to help investigators against their will and that the obligation to do so would have to introduce a new law. Apple’s dispute with the government sparked much public debate. Congress has already made it clear that it will deal with this matter.

The Federal government said in the court that the law requires that telephone companies and banks are required to assist government agencies when required. But Apple argues that the application of this law would undermine the privacy and security of customers and undermine corporate marketing based on privacy; in New York’s case, the company claimed that it would “endanger the trust between a company and its customers and substantially harm the Apple brand.”

The Ministry stated that it is disappointed with the verdict, and that he wanted to appeal. Apple’s lawyers have not commented yet. Since this case in October, Apple has to defend against more than ten government requirements to provide access to data from blocked iPhone. The company according to the press, even began to develop the systems that would make it impossible to unlock its phone to government investigators.

California court in the middle of the month ordered Apple to assist the FBI to unlock the data in the phone of one of the perpetrators of the December attack in San Bernardino, California. Apple rejected the court’s request, according to Managing Director Tim Cook said it would jeopardize the safety of customers.

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