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Costco open a store for first time in Bradenton


For members eager to start shopping at the Bradenton Costco , the countdown if less for one day before the scheduled opening at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

The store will fill 155,000-square-foot warehouse at 805 Lighthouse Drive to bring the full Costco experience to life in Manatee County. And 210 employees will be working

Costco will have 780 warehouses with the opening of the Bradenton facility. The company has warehouses in 44 states, plus several countries. In fiscal 2018, Costco earned $138.4 billion in revenue.

Mencia, who has been working for 30 years at Costco and 20 years as a store manager said : “We are thrilled to be bringing Costco’s low warehouse prices to the residents of Bradenton. They have been asking us to open here for a long time, and we already have made an impact on the local job market. We look forward to contributing to this community in many ways,”.

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