Cost of eggs and dairy products drop in Israel

eggThe cost off eggs and various basic dairy products went down on Thursday, after Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon approved the mandate to control the price.

Dairy items were given a 3.02 percent value reduction, which means a liter of 3% fat milk sold in a pack will cost NIS 5 at most, while the 1% variety will cost NIS 4.65. The costs were the same for the container verity, yet with an extra NIS 0.75. Butter  will now cost NIS 3.80 for 100 grams, while hard yellow cheese went down to NIS 41.30 for each kilogram. That same measure of soft, labane cheese will cost NIS 18.40 with the reduction.

The cost of eggs were decreased by 4.62%, with a container of 12, medium-sized eggs now costing NIS 10.55, while the large verity will be sold for NIS 11.45. Extra large eggs were estimated at NIS 12.50.