Certain hacornedbeef2zardous materials and cigarettes are generally out of reach in stores, but the one in West Auckland super market has locked up some of its general items. The corned beef and mayonnaise has been bolted to prevent them from being stolen.

While the littler jars and containers are still on the racks, the bigger forms –a few corned beef brands and mayonnaise are locked up in a glass cabinet separated from the rest of the staple goods at the supermarket.

The store spokesman James Walker said the selected nourishment things where bolted up because stolen very often. He added that the store has a few products that are kept utmost secure in order to prevent them from being stolen – this includes big cans of corned beef and large jars of mayonnaise, which is being missing from the shelves constantly than other products.

Progressive Enterprises, the parent organization of the store chain, was not ready to  remark on other regularly stolen items in general stores in other areas but told that the administration strived to their best to keep robberies to a bare minimum.

Walker added that they worked closely with the police on crime prevention.

In many grocery stores that stock junk sacks and bags, the packs are meant  to put away far from the general store racks, more often under the cashier’s seat.

Stores that stock costly wine will likewise bolt away the best containers, which will be sold on special request.

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