Cooperative supermarkets arrive in France


France is about to witness a new kind of shopping experience where customers volunteer in supermarkets to avail low prices for their purchases. Popularly known as cooperative supermarkets, the new kind of stores are common in United States. In these stores, customers and shareholders work within a structure. The customer volunteering helps ensure low prices.

Customers volunteer work a few hours per month to enjoy low prices on quality products. “Three projects are under construction in France. In Paris, two Americans named their supermarket concept as The Wolf, whereas in Lille collaborative supermarket called” Super Quinquin “and Toulouse will be launched. Other similar initiatives are also being developed in Marseille and Lyon.

“The Wolf” in Paris is the most advanced project. “The lease is signed and work is underway in the 18th district in a space of 1500 m². 1500 co-operators have already joined. The store will open next summer,” said Manuel Tissier, a france 2 journalist. “Great Quinquin” Lille will not open before 2017 because of the lack of members for now, there are only 70 members for them now and it would take a thousand for the operation. “Entrepreneurs ‘Owl Coop’, Toulouse, are looking for a place with 230 cooperators  already committed to the Objective. 1500 members are expected to also start in a year,” adds Manuel Tissier. By offering three hours or four hours a month, each member helps to reduce the cost of labor by 75% .