Ariel Actilift has been named as the shame of the month for march by consumer watchdog the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg. As the consumer advocates report, the manufacturer Procter & Gamble has reduced the detergent content in four of its packs without adjusting the price. The hidden price increase relates to powder and liquid detergents alike.

The detergent reduced the contents of 15 (1.125 kg) and 14 washloads (1.05 kg), that is less 6.7 percent. When liquid detergent of the same variety, the quantity of 16 (1.2 l) was reduced to 15 wash loads (1.125 l). With the large pack can now be wash only 40 (3.0 liters) instead of the current 42 times (3.15 liters). The VZ HH criticized P&G’s price increase at a time when the price of oil price declined around 70 percent, “Considering that many surfactants – one of the main ingredients in detergents – are often made from petroleum, the price increase is not justifiable” wrote the consumer advocate.

When asked by the VZ HH, the press office of Procter & Gamble said the price increase was due to a new addictive that helps wash more cleanly. It was the “result of intensive research and allows a powerful stain removal, the company said. However, the new packaging does not a indicate that any new ingredients in the detergent. The Consumer advocates calls Procter & Gamble as a repeat offender. Not only the detergent has become more expensive with “Procter & Gamble”. The price of sanitary napkins and panty liners of the brand “Always” has risen sharply according VHZZ, up to 25% of the price difference between the old and new package is.

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