The idea seems pretty weird, right? yes it is, but it is somehow based on the theory that we can not appreciate the good until we identify the bad.

The supermarket chain is expanding its product range with a further own brand. In addition to “Good & Cheap”, customers will also be able to purchase “Bad & Expensive” foods in the future. This should open up new target groups.

“Every customer has different preferences,” explains Edeka spokeswoman Annemarie Pefolla. “Why should we only satisfy those customers who appreciate good and cheap goods?”

For “bad & expensive” products Edeka buys erroneous or expired food worldwide or uses particularly unsuitable ingredients and then brings the result as a private label in the supermarket shelves. “Sure, that’s quite a shame and often already rotten, what we offer there,” admits Pefolla. “But for that, the products are also significantly more expensive than conventional ones.”

“Poor & Expensive” peanuts, for example, cost € 4.20 instead of € 0.79 / 100g (good & cheap) and contain a particularly large number of hard cores to bite your teeth off. Instead of salt, they are seasoned with detergent.

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