Colruyt is still the cheapest


As per the ratings of the consumers’ organisation – Aankoop reminds that Colruyt is still the Beljium’s cheapest among supermarkets though its rival Albert Heijn is very close. In real stances, the margins is getting smaller. Like earlier years Colruyt is the cheapest for the set of people who buy a mix of home branded and basic products . Albert Heijn is 2 per cent more expensive followed by Red Market, Dalhaize’s  low cost store.

Test-Aankoop confirms that purchasing meat, ruits and vegetables at the cheapest store will save an amount of 300 euros per year. It noted that the highest prices were at Intermarche, Match and Smatch, where the price difference is 15% and is growing slimmer. Previous year the price gap was 16%. For the group of people who only buy branded products Colruyt and Red Market are the cheapest followed by Albert Heijn. Lidl and Aldi don’t make a difference between basic and home brands, but when compared to basic products other supermarkets have become more expensive. Test Aankoop did the analysis of 710 stores and about 118,000prices.