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Collective introduces a new range luxury yogurt flavours



Gourmet yogurt company the Collective introduces a new assortment of Premium luxury flavours. The new range of these luxury yogurt, according the company will provide the shoppers with a dessert alternative with an exceptional treat. The new range would be available in all major supermarkets in the UK including Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose. The new products include, coffee flavours, Russian fudge, Chocolate orane and has a price tag of £2 for a 450g tub.

The manufacture says that the newly released product combines The Collective’s West Country yogurt with various conserves, double-layered throughout each tub. Following the huge success in the fruited big pots segment, The Collective is stepping into the luxury lines where it looks to repeat the success with the new range. The company said that there was a clear need for innovation in the luxury segment which was why these premium products were introduced.

Among the newly presented items, the Collective’s coffee variant was launched as a limited edition product in 2015. Made using the West Country yogurt which is being sourced from lightly roasted Colombian Arabica beans, the coffee variant produces a dark and rich compote that stirs together perfectly with The Collective’s yogurt.

The chocolate orange yogurt uses Belgian dark chocolate is filled with orange before being folded through thick and creamy yogurt. Whereas, the Russian fudge range has caramel compote balanced by a hint of salt. Amelia Harvey, co-founder of The Collective, said: “British consumers are increasingly looking for exciting new products that taste delicious. By launching into the luxury yogurt bay, we will be able to extend our innovation and quality into a new part of the category.”

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