Coles opens an additional 2600 checkouts to tackle Christmas shopping queues


Supermarket chain Coles has announced that it would bring in an additional 2600 checkouts throughout its stores to tackle the long queues during the wee holiday shopping hours ahead of the Christmas and New Year.

In a move that will reduce the stacked trolley line at the busiest time on the shopping calendar, Coles said an additional 25,000 shifts would be added to the list. Staff will be paid more than $4 million in extra wages, working from 10am to 6pm until Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. In New South Wales alone about 800 checkouts are expected to be opened in addition to an extra 7500 shifts.

Coles Managing Director John Durkan said opening new checkouts for the week of Christmas is something that has never done before by any supermarket. He added that this might not essentially wipe out the queues, but would minimize the length. Mr Durkan included that down times with no one in the queues and check out assistants had to wait for shoppers. With bringing in more counters the company just wanted to reassure customers it doesn’t matter what time they shop, Coles will have all the check-outs open.