Coles today announced that all Coles Brand olive oils, will fully comply with the Australian Standard for Olive Oils by the end of December 2012.

Coles’ focus on promoting Australian made extra virgin olive oil has led to a 50 per cent increase in sales over the last 12 months and encouraged more than 1 million customers to buy the product from Coles during this period.
From December Coles will be the first national supermarket in Australia to have all private label olive oils fully compliant with the Australian quality standard as we voluntarily apply the standard to all Coles Brand olive oils including our imported olive oil sourced from Spain.

All Coles Brand olive oils are already clearly labeled with country of origin but to make it easier for customers to identify and purchase Australian olive oils Coles also now displays them clearly together on the shelf.
In a further sign of its commitment to the Australian olive industry Coles also this week launched a new Australian made Coles Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has already won awards at the Royal Melbourne and Royal Sydney fine food shows. The new premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is manufactured by leading Australian producer Boundary Bend based in Victoria.
Coles Merchandise Director, John Durkan, said: “Coles has a fantastic range of olive oils to suit every customer but our Australian made products stand out from the rest. I’m delighted that we will be the first national supermarket to reassure customers that all our Coles Brand olive oils whether Australian made or imported will meet the same Australian standard.”
Coles began phasing out Coles Brand olive oils which do not meet the Australian standard earlier this year in line with contracts with our Australian and overseas suppliers.


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