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Coles Hand in Glove with Simplot


Austrialian supermarket giant Coles has committed to source six million kilograms of Australian vegetables in a deal with the food processor Simplot. The contract is for a tenure of eight years that will source the vegetables from 240 fresh prducers in Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. John Durkan, the MD of Coles told that the contract was an extension of the organisation’s Austrialian first sourcing policy. This is part of their initiative to have Australian products first. Before this deal the vegetables came from abroad. So this 6 million vegetables we are planning to replace with indeginiously cultivated fresh produce.

Terry O’Brien told that the deal would provide a long-ter security to theagricultural growers within the region. 90% of the fresh produce will be sourced from Tasmania. Stuart Greenhill, a Tasmanian vegetable farmer told that the contract is the result of the push by Austrialian consumers. He added that, from a grower point of view it surely brings surety and security to longer term supply.

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