CocoVin Fresh Salad Dressings aims to change the paradigm salt equals taste and to help today’s consumers make healthier choices.

With repeated warnings from many medical associations on the impact of high salt and sugar diets on our health, many brands are stuck with salt and or sugar laden products with no easy path towards a solution. CocoVin dressings are ready to meet this challenge with a unique recipe using organic coconut vinegar, without artificial flavors or ingredients, to achieve a great tasting salad dressing with practically no salt and half the calories of traditional dressings in the category.

On November 13th, 2017, new research conducted by the American College of Cardiology put 46% of Americans at risk of stage 1 hypertension. One of the major contributors to High Blood Pressure is a high sodium diet. With the prevalence of processed foods, it is easy for consumers to take in too much sodium daily. CocoVin dressings contain 0% of an adult’s RDA of Sodium per 15ml serving compared to other dressings in the same category that contain 5% to 12% per serving.

“We really don’t measure how much salad dressing we use. With CocoVin you can have your salad with a dressing, with near zero salt. In fact, our dressings allow the true taste of your salad to come through without the overpowering effect of salt and sugar,” says Chef Martin Daniels of Epicurean Consultants, Chief Product Designer for CocoVin.

The brand recently moved production to a modern 30,000 sq. foot facility in Ontario, Canada to meet increasing demand for their current line of salad dressings from healthcare foodservice operators and retailers across Canada and the US.

“The move provides CocoVin with increased production capacity and exciting new innovation capabilities to meet the ever-growing need for great tasting, low salt and low sugar alternatives in Dressings, Dips and Mayos,” says Chef Martin.

CocoVin™ Fresh Salad Dressings are made with organic coconut vinegar are found in the fresh produce section of grocery retailers and come in 3 unique flavors: Chipotle Ranch, Chimichurri Caesar and Smoked Cherry Balsamic. All three are great for salads, dips or drizzled on meals such as Fajita or Burrito Bowls.