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Cobra awarded the Prize of the Jury and 6 more Gold Medals at 2017 Monde Selection Awards




  • Cobra Beer also recognised for the International High Quality Trophy for Cobra Premium Beer
  • Cobra is one of the most highly awarded beers in the world with a total of 94 gold medals



7th June 2017: For the first time Cobra has been awarded with the prestigious Prize of the Jury Award for its Cobra Premium Beer (Bottle 33cl). Following a rigorous process which saw nearly 3000 products tested, the Cobra product beat a raft of competition to come out in the top five products awarded.


Cobra has been awarded a further 6 gold medals at the 2017 Monde Selection Awards which took place in Malta on the 29th May. Another outstanding year takes Cobra’s Monde Selection awards to a total of 94 to date since it first entered in 2001, making it one of the most highly awarded Beers in the world.


This year, Cobra has been awarded six individual product accolades, which includes three Grand Gold awards for its Cobra Premium (Draught, Keg 50L), King Cobra (Bottle, 75cl) and the Cobra Premium Beer (Bottle 33cl). The remaining Gold awards were given to the Cobra Premium Beer (Can, Bottle, 66cl), Cobra Zero (Bottle, 33cl) and the Cobra Premium Beer (Can, 50cl).


Cobra is also pleased to announce that the Cobra Premium Beer (Bottle, 33cl) has been awarded with the International High-Quality Trophy for 2017. An achievement which has been recognised after successfully winning a high level of quality and gold awards for 3 consecutive years.


Cobra goes by the motto, ‘Brewed smooth for all food’, with a distinctive, complex recipe that results in an impossibly smooth beer which perfectly accompanies cuisines from around the world. Brewed using the finest natural ingredients and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt, maize, three varieties of hops, wheat, and rice, Cobra beers are created using unique recipes and production processes to give them their distinctive character and smoothness.


Lord Bilimoria CBE DL, founder and chairman of Cobra Beer, who went to receive the medals and trophies at the Award Ceremony in Malta, comments:

“We are delighted to have received the Prize of the Jury for the first time, and to have been recognised and awarded a further six Gold Medals at this year’s Monde Selection Awards, along with an International Trophy – important accolades for us to receive as one of the most prestigious in the industry. Full credit goes to our wonderful team of brewers who are committed to ensuring that our Cobra Beer maintains its highest levels of quality. With a total of 94 Gold Medals from the Monde Selection, it makes me very proud to say that we are one of the most highly awarded beers in the world.”


Tony Jones, Molson Coors, Head Brewer of Cobra Beer has also commented on this year’s exceptional achievements:

“Our mission is to capture the high quality and premium taste for which Cobra Beer is renowned, making sure it is maintained across all of our products, from bottle to draught beer. This year’s outstanding six gold awards, have demonstrated that we stick to our word. I am very proud of the accolades Cobra Beer has received and it is magnificent to see that the hard work our brewers put in, has been highly recognised by such a prestigious panel of judges. At Cobra Beer, we look forward to continuing our great work in brewing to our innovative recipe which allows Cobra to be consumed with every cuisine across the globe.”


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