Christmas cards sales in Waitrose increases by 20 per cent

Total sales excluding fuel were 1.7 per cent lower than last year as the week finished with seven full trading days until Christmas compared to only five last year – so many customers will be holding off making purchases for the big day until later.

With this in mind consumers are still buying Christmas cards with overall card sales growing by 20 per cent. This contributed to the Home and General Merchandise category performing strongly with a 6.9 per cent uplift in sales.

Customers are stocking up on special items with quail eggs seeing sales rise by 80 per cent and service counter cheese experiencing an uplift of 36 per cent. Outdoor horticulture also had a good week with sales rising by 50 per cent.  Pre-orders of meat will be collected this week with customers’ orders of turkey up 12 per cent, beef seeing an uplift of 77 per cent and gammon up 60 per cent.