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Chrismas came early this year at Mercadona

Since before November even arrived, Christmas had already sneaked into the Mercadona lines. A wide variety of products of this theme or exclusive this season already make their way into the stores of the Valencian supermarket chain, which this year has not taken long to surrender to the Christmas spirit.

Among the novelties that have been added to Mercadona’s shelves this week are many of the products that only appear in the final stretch of the year, such as nougat or panettone. Up to 30 types of nougat are already on sale in the establishments of the group chaired by Juan Roig throughout Spain, as well as on its website.

The range of nougat for Christmas 2019 of the white brand of Mercadona, Hacendado, includes those of Catalan cream, Alicante, Jijona, toasted yolk, chocolate and guirlache, among others. There are, of course, classics such as hard nougat, soft peanut or pistachio, with prices of 1 euro and up.

This 2019, Giuseppe’s products are the classics: the panettone with raisins and orange and the panettone with chocolate chips, each for 2.6 euros, one of the most competitive prices in this sector of the market. For its part, Hacendado produces the also famous pandoro, a sweet bun without filling that is sprinkled with icing sugar. It costs 3 euros.

In addition, Mercadona already has candy canes for sale for Christmas, for 1.5 euros, as well as a Christmas assortment with eight varieties of mantecados, for 3.7 euros. There are also chocolate figures for 2.6 euros and milk chocolate lollipops for 1.6 euros, among many other Christmas novelties that fill the aisles of the supermarket chain.


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