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Chinese Internet Company Qihoo 360 launches in London

Qihoo 360 International Advertising hosted its first Digital Marketing Seminar in London on January¬† 8th 2017 to announce its arrival in the UK. At the event, Mr. David Ip, General Manager of Qihoo 360 International Advertising Unit shared the topic “Secrets to Successfully Connect Your Brand to 800 Million Chinese Netizens” with local marketers.

Being China’s leading big data marketing solution for advertisers, Qihoo 360 leverages its big data analytics platform, backed by 517 million PC users and nearly 800 million mobile users in China to analyze the behaviors of Chinese consumers and showcase the opportunities for British brands, e-Commerce, hotels and retailers.

Insights on China’s digital landscape were also one of the key focuses at the event to provide an overview of digital marketing trends in China, a mystery for most marketers. Since Amazon UK unveiled its availability to Chinese online shoppers and the aviation deal was made between the UK and China authority, which will double the no. of flights between two countries, many UK businesses look eager to enhance its presence in China to grasp the opportunities from Chinese netizens and tourists.

For example, recently, Qihoo 360 collected data intelligence from the data analytics platforms, 360 Index and 360 Shangyi about purchasing preferences of Chinese online shoppers. The results show that over 90% online shoppers like clothing items, followed by gadgets (81.55%) and furniture (73.99%). In addition, most Chinese netizens who searched “UK e-Commerce” are women aged from 19 to 34 who live in Guangdong and Beijing. These data from Qihoo 360 can provide a foundation and a competitive advantage for companies to make insightful analysis before entering the China market and be connected with target customers precisely.

The arrival of Qihoo 360 International Advertising Unit in London marks the ambition of the Chinese Internet giant to help UK brands enter the China market.

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