China Jo-Jo Receives Three Distinguished Awards for Brand Recognition, Operational Excellence and Integrity

China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. announced the receipt of three distinguished awards by Hangzhou municipal government and Zhejiang provincial government for leadership in brand recognition, operational excellence, and integrity and compliance.

“China Jo-Jo is committed to high standards in all areas of our business and we are proud that our efforts were recognized by the municipal and provincial government and our customers,” said Liu Lei, Chairman and CEO of China Jo-Jo Drugstores. “These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of our colleagues and validate our leadership in operating retail drugstores in the Hangzhou area.”

China Jo-Jo was the first retail drugstore to have won the recognition as a Hangzhou Famous Brand from Hangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and Hangzhou Municipal Bureau for Market Supervision and Administration.

China Jo-Jo is the only retail drugstore to be recognized as a Zhejiang Province Key Merchandizer by a collection of provincial and local governments agencies including Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial and Local Taxation Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, and People’s Bank of China Hangzhou Main Branch. The Company initially received this award in 2013 and has passed the annual review for four consecutive years.

China Jo-Jo was also the first retail drugstore to have won the recognition as a Zhejiang Province Exemplary Enterprise for Integrity and Compliance by provincial agencies including the Economic and Trade Commission, Department of Finance, Department of Labor and Social Security, Environmental Protection Bureau, and Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.