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China Jo-Jo Drugstores Adds Three Stores in Lin’an Market and on Track to Achieve Retail Expansion Goal

China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. (NASDAQ: CJJD or the “Company”) has opened three stores in the newly established Lin’an District of Hangzhou. There are now four China Jo-Jo drugstores in Lin’an District and the Company plans to open two more stores by the end of the year.

“We are pleased to expand our retail pharmacies in the newest district of Hangzhou and provide the community with high quality and convenient pharmacy services,” China Jo-Jo’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Liu Lei commented, “We are well on our way to achieve our goal of operating 100 stores in Hangzhou, and remain committed to expanding in new districts such as Lin’an, Xiaoshan, Fuyang and consolidating our retail leadership.”

With half a million population and abundant natural resources, Lin’an is one of the most economically developed county-level cities in China. On September 15, 2017, Lin’an was officially included as the tenth district of Hangzhou to promote innovative development and economic transformation.

China Jo-Jo’s new stores in Lin’an District feature all of the products and services for which thousands of customers across Hangzhou visit its stores every day, including:

A full service pharmacy staffed by licensed pharmacists and pharmacy staff

Prescription and OTC medicines, TCM, dietary supplements, medical devices

Health and beauty products including many popular brands

General merchandise

The China Jo-Jo Rewards Program, which offers exclusive discounts and enhance customer experience

The three new China Jo-Jo stores in Lin’an District are located at:

No. 639 Jincheng St. & Qianwang St.

No. 616 Jincheng St. & Shijing St.

No. 187 Jincheng St. & Chengzhong St.

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