Children’s drink contains more sugar than Cola, report reveals


Sugar content in some drinks for children has more sugar than cola. This alarming report was published in the Dutch watchdog website “Foodwatch.” The organization inspected the products in Dutch supermarkets and findings were alarming, the report says. “Moreover, there are many packages that promise fresh fruit, while the products contain mainly flavors,” the report included.

Food Watch investigated 194 drinks on the shelves in the five major Dutch supermarkets Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Aldi and Plus. In packets it was labeled that the drinks contained an average 16.2 grams of sugar, or equivalent of  four sugar cubes. In an equal amount of cola there are five sugar cubes. Of the total investigated drinks around 45 drink packs contained more sugar than a glass of cola, the report says. 


There were more than six teaspoons of sugar in yoghurt drinks sold in Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Plus. “One time a packet would not hurt. But kids take this every day to school. If they consume these drinks in the morning break  and in afternoon and when back home, they would be taking in nearly two lumps of sugar per day,” said Food Watch in its report.