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Cheap Imports Hurts English Cucumber Industry



Cheap Imports and grocery store price wars are killing what were once bread and butter for many British farmers- British Cucumbers. Supermarkets vying to win the race to supply the cheapest cucumbers import the produce from countries like Holland, Spain and even South America. There are presently less cucumbers being grown in Britain than in previous years, new figures have uncovered.

Cheap imports and general store price wars have seen costs drop from 80p to 50p in the recent three years and which has driven numerous farmers to quit cultivating the mid year vegetable. It’s implied that the fruit, which has indispensable impact in summer outing sandwiches and beverages, now develops on under 100 hectares (247 sections of land) surprisingly, as indicated by a report from the National Farmers Union (NFU)

It said: ‘Furious rivalry between major retailers to hold the overall industry under the unflinching rise of the discounters implies that lower food costs are currently a reality of business. ‘Yet, the effect of the general stores’ race-to-the-base on price is making cultivators to decrease cultivation to minimize their dangers.

‘English cucumber farming in 2014/15 has tumbled to underneath 100 hectares for the first time ever.’ While shoppers will welcome less expensive cucumbers from nations like Holland, Spain and even South America, there are results for the UK economy, said the NFU report. In the event that more cheap food is imported, an expanding number of UK producers will go bankrupt which has a thump on impact on food handling, dispersion and different segments of business.

It additionally means supply in the end gets to be merged to a concentrated of suppliers, which limits options for customers.

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