Charlesworth Nuts have declared a recall to some of their products due to a possible threat.
Food Standards Australia stated on their page that the intended products contain a foreign matter (metal fragments), which may cause some serious problems to those who consume the products.

Charlesworth Nuts recalled products are: 

Santa’s Favourite Pudding 740g – Best Before 2 JUN 2019

Grandma Charlesworth’s Christmas Cake 1605g – Best Before 2 JUN 2019

Jolly Little Puddin’ Muffins 740g – Best Before 2 JUN 2019

Cluster Collection (gift pack) 430g – Best Before 2 JUN 2019

The Trendy Gourmet 1220g – Best Before 2 APR 2019

Diced Dried Apricots 500g – Best Before 10 JUN 2019 and 15 JUL 2019

Cluster Collection (500g bag) – Best Before 10 JUN 2019

White Apricot ‘n’ Honey Peanut Cluster 500g – Best Before 15 JUL 2019

Almond ‘n’ Apricot Cluster 500g – Best Before 10 JUN 2019

FSA advises those who have the product to NOT eat it and return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund.


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