Changes brings back customer satisfaction,says Morrisons CEO

2018856247Supermarket chain Morrisons said consumer satisfaction is growingback sharply as it actualizes a heap of changes to draw back customers from rival discounters Aldi and Lidl.

The news came as the Bradford-based chain reported a 2.6 percent dip in sales in the three months to November 1, which was more awful than Tesco and Sainsbury’s, yet in front of Asda. New CEO said 60 percent of clients said they were “very satisfied” with their experience at Morrisons, up from 51 percent a year prior.

“It’s a significant test for clients to say, yes, they were very satisfied. We’ve gained ground. Our stores are easier to get around, they’re cleaner and employeeshave a smile on their face,” said Mr Potts. Morrisons said it is “moving at pace” to pivot trading.

It said the slide in business was to a great extent brought about by the choice to curtail promotional vouchers, which thumped sales back by no less than 2.4 percent over the three months. The 2.6 percent fall in sales is more extreme than the 2.4 percentrecorded in the past three months and is more regrettable than experts’ figures of a fall of somewhere around 1.8 and 2.5 percent.

“The business is moving at a very good pace towards enhancing the shopping outing for customers,” said Mr Potts. “We are doing this with far less dependence on coupons and vouchers. Lower costs makesdeflation.” He said that the choice to cut costs implies the company is much more focused.

“We’ve never been closer to Asda and we are closer to Aldi. There is more for us to do,” he included. The organization, which trails market pioneer Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s in yearly sales, has not reported positive underlying sales subsequent to the final quarter of its 2011-12 year. Mr. Potts joined as CEO in March, yet he cautioned in September it would be a “long journey”.