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Cdiscount offers a free delivery of parcels weighing more than 30 kg in Paris and Bordeaux


 The company becomes the first e-trader to offer electrical delivery for heavy goods in these two cities, with a fleet of 10 vehicles. An approach conducted in partnership with the body building-manufacturer Gruau and the carrier Jacky Perrenot.

   The e-retailer Cdiscount has been equipped with a fleet of vehicles Electron, a range of 3.5 ton (7,716 pounds) electric utilities bodybuilder manufacturer Gruau. Eight trucks are destined to Paris and two to Bordeaux, allowing the inhabitants of these two cities to benefit from an eco-responsible delivery for their articles of more than 30 kg.

  Cdiscount is committed to a “zero emission” routing for heavy items such as sofas, washing machines or refrigerators for all intramural deliveries. The latter will be provided by the subsidiary of the Casino Group and specialist in home delivery of products over 30 kg for Cdiscount.

  General Manager Assistant in charge of logistics operations: “Reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain is one of Cdiscount’s priorities. We are pursuing a proactive innovation policy in this area in order to meet the needs of our customers and offer them delivery solutions that combine reliability, speed, flexibility and respect for the environment “.

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