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Cat’s Refusal to leave Tesco broke his Owner’s heart


Cat’s Refusal to leave Tesco broke his Owner’s heart, This is the incredible story of a ten-years old cat, Frodo, which left his owner, Neil Watson, brokenhearted. Since his arrival to Hornsea two years ago, Frodo’s greed had compelled him to hang around the local Tesco supermarket in Southgate, where the employees and customers would often feed him, despite being prevented by his owner not to do so. Mr. Watson had seen less and less of Frodo as the cat hardly ever went home. Indeed, the black and white tabby was so used to lingering outside the supermarket to get his food that he had even started sleeping in the car park. His owner had no other choice than having his favourite pet relocated as he couldn’t keep him away from the local Tesco. This decision left Neil Watson heartbroken

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