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Catalina Enhances Data Set to Help Brands Efficiently Reach Label-Savvy Shoppers


Catalina, the leader in shopper intelligence and personalized digital media, today announced an enhanced targeting solution to help brands better understand, reach and influence consumers who make purchase decisions based on dietary needs, such as gluten-free, nut-free and high-protein, desire for natural and recognizable ingredients, and interest in companies focused on sustainable practices.

“Brands with very specific product benefits, gluten free for example, require precise targeting to efficiently reach and convert their desired shoppers,” said Todd Morris, President of Catalina’s Go-to-Market organization. “Catalina is partnering with Label Insight to use these product attributes to enhance our dataset and further increase our ability to target shoppers who are currently buying – or have shown intent to buy – in these emerging categories. Catalina offers the only purchase-based targeting solution with this capability.”

Advertisers can now reach the consumers most likely to care about their products more accurately and efficiently than ever before.  This solution builds on Catalina’s unique capacity to reach over 280 million U.S. shoppers based on their purchasing history, and it integrates capabilities from Label Insight’s rich database and analytics on more than 80 percent of food, pet, and personal care items sold in U.S. stores.

Catalina can now uniquely deliver personalized messages and offers to a brand’s likely buyers based on a range of product attributes and knowledge of the shopper’s underlying purchase motivations.  The company is using this enhanced capability to reach specific audience segments through in-store and online digital advertising and promotions. Initial audience segments available include gluten free, nut free, heart healthy, organic and eco-friendly.

U.S. consumers are increasingly focused on product transparency and selectivity.  A recent survey by Label Insight found that 94 percent of consumers say they would be loyal to a brand that provides complete transparency, while 75 percent say they review food product ingredients to ensure that they meet their dietary needs.

“Consumers are demanding more transparency around the products they buy,” said Paul Schaut, CEO of Label Insight. “This partnership combines our product transparency solution with Catalina’s shopper intelligence, enabling personalized marketing that efficiently matches the right shoppers to the right products.”

Catalina’s shopper intelligence now deeply understands even more the drivers behind consumer choices and product preferences. Label Insight captures and enhances data contained on the packaging of food, pet, and personal care products to develop a deep and complete data set with more than 22,000 unique custom attributes per product. These insights help unlock powerful, purchase-driving product characteristics and define a wide variety of segmentations to help brands and retailers create stronger connections with consumers.

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