Carrefour’s commitments for a September brimming with savings

Carrefour’s commitments for a September brimming with savings

To help the many families in France with financial concerns, Carrefour is making September 2014 all about savings. The retailer has brought it a set of flagship measures so that households can get high-quality products at affordable prices this September.

Carrefour is making price pledges on the prices of standard school supplies, as well as on additional expenses, such as : clothing, school insurance, extra tutoring, etc., all making for a highly economical September.

200 major-brand school supply products with the retailer’s “Lowest Price” Guarantee
This September, for the 3rd year running, Carrefour is extending its “Lowest Price” Guarantee to 200 national-brand school supply products in 223 of its hypermarkets. Exercise books, pens, calculators, diaries, dictionaries and much more are now included in this scheme, meaning that the whole family can be kitted out with major-brand products at unbeatable prices – whether they be at nursery school, primary school or secondary school.

This low-price commitment covers 200 of the school supply products that are most frequently purchased at the start of the year. It includes Bic pens, Stabilo highlighters and UHU glue, as well as the essential “Bescherelle” book of verb tables, the Hachette dictionary and the Casio calculator.

Throughout the year, through its “Lowest Price” Guarantee on 500 national-brand products, Carrefour helps its customers make real savings on their day-to-day shopping and keep their expenses down, particularly when their children go back to school.

September is also an opportunity for parents to renew their children’s wardrobe. Our Tex brand stylists have therefore designed a whole range of fashionable outfits that start at €7.90, so your children can be dressed to the nines in the playground.

High-quality customisable products
With the help of, customers can now customise their diaries, selecting from a range of more than 300 available visuals (original creations, artists’ reproductions, licensed images) or their own photos.Customers can match the cover of their diary to their image by selecting from three available colours: blue, grey or red. They can then be picked up from the store or delivered to customers’ homes.

Sales price: €5.90

Carrefour sells high-quality products at reasonable prices, offering an alternative to major brands. So if customers buy a PEFC-certified Carrefour exercise book, they’re getting a product made without damaging the environment for only €0.40 (48 pages, 17x22cm). Or if they choose Carrefour felt-tip colouring pens at €1.20 for 12, their child will be getting pens with ultra-washable ink.
And for children wanting to make a fashion statement, Carrefour also has products which feature little details that make all the difference, such as diaries with quilted covers (€4.95) or protective zipper pockets for holding their personal decorations (€4.95).

New services to make September easier
To make shopping easier and to help customers control their spending without forgetting anything, Carrefour has developed a shopping list creation service which is available on and for mobile phones.Once they have created their shopping list, Carrefour keeps them up-to-date with details of the best available offers, but only for the products they have selected. That way, families are sure that they can get their back-to-school shopping at the best possible prices! There will also be many gift cards available to win.

To help parents understand the lists that schools supply, Carrefour has put up educational information signs in all of its stores to help its customers make sense of their children’s lists, with words like ‘Séyès’ ruled paper (large-square exercise book), stencils (lettering guide), plastic wallets/document protector, etc.